Marge’s Donut Den

Every time you visit our Grand Rapids, Michigan bakery you will be greeted with a warm greeting from our friendly staff and aroma of our hand-made confections.

April Cake of the Month

Southern Pride & Joy

4 layers of yellow cake, chocolate icing, at the special price of $19.00.  Yellow cake has the yoke of the egg in it, making for a really rich piece of cake!

April Cake of the Month

Come where you can meet old friends and make new ones.

Since 1975 Marge’s Donut Den has been making donuts and baked goods with the slogan “Quality Comes First” and have since developed a loyal following who believe she makes the best baked goods anywhere.

Marge specializes in wedding cakes and corporate cakes, but she also has a large variety of delicious brownies, cookies, muffins, danishes and cupcakes. Marge is known to be very creative in her designs. Marge has always believed that when you make a quality product, people will come back for more.


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